Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bad Economy: Slow Job Market

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Many highly skilled workers in the United States are finding themselves out of long-term employment. Middle American's have been feeling the unforgiving outcome of the up-coming recession for months, some even year's. As Micheal A. Flecher of the Washington Post puts it, "The problem is ensnaring a broader swath of workers than before. Once concentrated among manufacturing workers and those with little work history, education or skills, long-term unemployment is growing most rapidly among white-collar and college-educated workers with long work experience, studies have found, making the problem difficult for policymakers to address even as it grows more urgent."

Caroline Dixon, 41, is a college graduate with a steady work history. When she quit her job just under a year ago becuase she felt it wasn't "a good fit" she was certain she'd be back in the working force soon. Now, nine months has passed and she circulates the unemployment office daily in desperate search for a job that will pay her close to her old salary of $65,000 a year. This is not a Mcdonalds employer who is to lazy to find a job. This is a hard working woman, experiencing the cold hard truth of a low economy, and she is not alone.

I myself have been looking for a job for about a month now, I'm already in a city with a low job market, but there just aren't any job's out there for me to apply. Maybe a quick fix tax rebate of around $500-650.00 come April would help out the out of work employee, but I'm not sure if it would stimulate the economy.

written by: Jessica Erven (c) 2008



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