Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clinton/McCain Win Over NY Times

The New York Times has officially endorsed Democratic Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Republican Senator John McCain for President. This is a big endorsement for both of them, and most likely is telling of who will be the future nominees. This endorsement of the Time's editorial ran earlier than seen in the past, justified by "the unusually early South Carolina Democratic primary influenceing the timing of publication 'It just seemed like the right way to do it,' Rosenthal said, saying it was not timed to influence the minds of South Carolina Democrats."

What about Edwards? "former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards — whose campaign has recently complained about the media ignoring him — did not grant the Times’ request for an interview." So, he didn't even get considered, and in my opinion that is 100% his fault, and he deserves it.

written by: Jessica Erven (c) 2008

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