Saturday, January 19, 2008

Huckabee the politician

Huckabee in South Carolina Photo: Jeremy M. Lange for The New York Times

Mike Huckabee has been this election's leader of the evangelical crowd. He has told them what they want...God's word. Since his campaign in South Carolina took root, Huckabee has been on a rampage voicing his opinions on gay marriage, abortion, and religion in the constitution. I think we all know where he stands on those issues.
But even with his ridiculous comments, and absurd opinions, he still is in the lime light of a good amount of voters (at least in South Carolina). He won't win the nomination, but he sure played a good game. How has he gotten this far? Well I believe our good southern Baptist minister has become one hell of a politician!

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A politician. That's right. He says what needs to be said to win the election. Mitt Romney does this too, but he isn't as good at it. Huckabee tells the evangelical voters about his good Christian plan in the oval office, while he tells his more secular voters about his support of the workingman. He has a sense of humor as well, he has satirically announced on numerous episodes of The Colbert Report to have Stephen Colbert as his presidential running mate. For the Colbert fan that doesn't read the news (remember the statistics that showed the average college student gets most of the news from The Daily Show?) he come’s of as a likeable, funny, sensible, down-to-earth guy. He got this far in the election by reminding evangelicals his decisions will be based on his faith, and reminding the rest of us that he is "one of us." Now what does that remind you off? What idea did George W. Bush win his election, and re-election on? He was a good Christian man who you'd want to have a beer with. Is this any different? In a world that vastly see’s the Bush administration as a tragedy to our country, even to his once large fan base, it is baffling that the whole thing is happening again.

So I end with this:
Huckabee, I don't want you in charge of my country, but I'll still have a drink with you if you'd like.

written by: Jessica Erven (c) 2008


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