Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama wins South Carolina by a landslide!

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Barack Obama won South Carolina with a whopping 55% of the vote. Hillary Clinton got 27% and Edwards trailed at 18%. It was a gracious victory over Hillary, "Clinton issued a statement saying she had called Obama to congratulate him on his victory. She quickly turned her focus to the primaries ahead." The reason for this is possibly because she wasn't expecting to win, accepted that fate, and looked to the future.

Edwards, sadly, did not do as well as expected. After being the winner in the 2004 presidential primary Edward's hopefuls were considering him for second. South Carolina is his home state. The only county he won was the one at which he was from. Fortunately he maintained 18% of the vote and as long as he continues to do just that it is very possible that he will play a large role in who will win nomination this November. He will most likely become the Kingmaker.

Obama's second win in South Carolina came much needed. Time will tell if it will actually push him to the front of the race during the "Super Tuesday" Primaries. This was an expected win for Obama. However winning by such a large margin was not. In a state where 50% of the electorate is black it's easy to see where a huge portion of his votes came from. Obama's crowd chanted "race doesn't matter" at the announcement of his win. It is obvious by the record black voter turnout that it does. Obama ignored the criticism and gave another amazingly inspiration speech, "The choice in this election is not about regions or religions or genders," Obama said at a boisterous victory rally. "It's not about rich versus poor, young versus old and it's not about black versus white. It's about the past versus the future."

He is an amazing speaker that never actually says anything real. He will certainly inspire someone who will. In a country of economic and political despair we are in dire need of someone to inspire and empower us. However we also need someone to protect and manage us. Is Obama that person? He is the king of stump speeches. When has he actually given an answer to a question with a thought out plan? He trails into the poetry of idealism.

Congratulations Obama!!!

written by: Jessica Erven (c) 2008

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