Sunday, January 20, 2008

Clinton or Obama as winner in Nevada?

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Hillary Clinton may have won in Nevada, but Obama got more delegates votes.
Apparently Hillary got 12 votes while Obama got 13, but Hillary won the popular vote (who knows what that is!?).

How does that not make Obama the winner of Nevada? I have no idea...I am looking into this. I think perhaps, the way the system in Nevada is set up cities, or districs, have less or more "votes" than others. Perhaps Clinton won the cities that are"worth more". That's confusing.

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Why is this suddenly a confusing thing now in this election? Well, Nevada has never really been an important state before. With ever state being sucha close race, with almost a different winner everytime, it makes each declared winner up for critical observation.

I believe Hillary won, don't get me wrong, but I find it very interesting that with Obama's endorsement from the Culinary Workers Union (one of the largest unions, and populations in Nevada) that he still didn't win.

This is an intense and exciting race, every single state and vote counts. We'll see what comes from this is future's time.



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