Thursday, January 24, 2008

Filmmaker goes looking for Bin Laden

"Super-Size Me" documentary filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, forgot about french fries and moved on to national security. Spurlock's latest creation premiered at Sundance with a standing ovation. The film's driving story become's obvious in it's title, "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?" Spurlock set out to answer that question. He did all the right research, and prepared with all the right classes in effort to find our Public Enemy #1: Mr. Osama Bin Laden.
However, could Morgan Spurlock do something the government of the United State's couldn't accomplish in the last seven years? Well, in the end, no, but the journey was worth it to the famous documentary filmmaker, and the film serves a deeper purpose than the quest of an evil terrorist, "The media manipulate what is going on out there to keep people afraid," he says. "But we should ask more questions for ourselves, talk to each other and challenge what we hear. Then we can learn about our similarities. Maybe that will give us a better chance of surviving in the future"

written by: Jessica Erven (c) 2008

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