Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Obama is sweating.

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Barack Obama has to win South Carolina in order to gain the needed momentum to pull him through "Super Tuesday" on February 5th.

The democratic debates in South Carolina were a heated argument between front-runners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Obama being on the defense most of the night. With only one win in Obama's pocket, it is easy to see why he is getting nervous.

Perhap's his immature attacks on Bill Clinton, and his defensive attitude towards the Clinton's in general, is infact a reaction to the idea that Hillary is now a threat. This isn't to forget that Hillary, herself, came out just as foolish during the debates. She certainly was the one to start the mud slinging. However, she has done this far more strategically than Obama has. She attacks Obama on his voting record in the senate, and on his lack of experience. Justafiable attacks, even gaining the suprise support of Edwards during the debates. Obama counter-attacks Hillary on her corporate ties and her husband. Well, the problem with that, her corporate ties were short lived (despite her lobbyist connections), and well made up for. While her husband, well every democrat loves him! Obama's biggest problem with Hillary is simple, that type of confidence and wit is the thing pulling her to a comfortable front of the race, and that just ain't right to him.

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Clinton has a much better chance in states such as New York and California, where she has been campaigning vigerously. This of course, leaving the January 26th South Carolina Primary for her Husband to do the work "on her behalf". She is practically giving the state to Obama, and maybe that type of kindness isn't what Obama needs. He needs to win against Hillary in order to gain momentum, not because she let him.

It may seem an unfair advantage for Bill and Hillary to be practically running as a duo, but everyone knows Hillary Clinton originally gained her fan base because of her husband. How many people planned to vote for her simply by assoctiation? Alot. Besides, there are no rules against it, and maybe Hillary needs it. America is ready to accept the first Black American President to the white house, but not the first female President. So if electing Hillary, a viable, and honorable candidate means getting Bill too, what undecided voter wouldn't realize this advantage and play along as well?

Well, the Obama voter thats who. Luckily for Obama most of the state of South Carolina is black, a major leg up for him, but a win could be just as much of a loss in the long run.

Bill Clinton recently accused Obama of playing the "race card" in his campaigning "on behalf of Hillary" in Nevada. Obama promtly dismissed his remarks as false, but his defensive attitude towards the Clinton's is making him look more guilty. With a win much needed in the Obama camp, and conveniently in a state mostly made up of black communities, how does this make him look? Well, it appears as though he is infact depending on black, and minority voters to lead him to the oval office. Even if that isn't exaclty true, the illusion is there.

Whether he is doing it or not, Bill and Hillary Clinton are brilliant politicians, and Obama is trapped in a corner.

A win in South Carolina could boast his numbers on February 5th, or it could hurt him, leaving the undecided to vote for Hillary. Why? Because they get two for the price of one, and because Obama got caught up in the dirty politics of some publically loveable, and viable people.

Written by: Jessica Erven (c) 2008

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