Monday, January 28, 2008

The State of the Union Address

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President George W. Bush entered the halls of congress with a grin of celebrity. The crowd of supporter's bombarded for autographs and handshakes. His opposition took their seats with out a humble welcoming for the President.

This is President George W. Bush's last State of the Union Address. When taking the podium a crowd of roaring clap and cheers welcomed the speaker. The Democratic Party seemed to embrace the idea of finality over the eight-year reign of the Bush administration. The President's speech was told with mild surprise, and in a laundry list of issues. He began with addressing the economic despair facing the United State's. He then later went on to cover such topics as the failing public educational system, trade agreement reforms, new energy reform, immigration, and the war on terror.

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George Bush gave a modest speech in regards to the economy. Bringing up concerns of his true understanding of the seriousness of the United States economic despair. Stating that we need to "trust the American people with their money." He wants to pursue a "robust growth package" that will require tax rebates and incentive's for business investment. This is to provide an instant stimulus for a struggling economy. He did not suggest a long-term plan for economic relief except his desire to "make tax relief permanent." Strongly pronouncing his determination to "veto any bill that land's on his desk to raise taxes."

The mortgage crisis that is stumbling many American homeowners’ was a specific issue regarded. Bush proclaimed his determination to "offer tax rebates to help owner's refinance their homes.” This gained a collective approval from all house representatives.

Lastly, he defined his economic proposals with a universally accepted statement, "If American families have to manage their budget's, then so should their government." A standing ovation with applause followed.

In regards to Health Care George Bush announced the government would pursue a new goal to "make health care affordable and accessible for all American's." All members of Congress applauded in support. Quickly following, Democrat’s quieted when he stated his disapproval of Universal Health care, "Congress should expand consumer choice—not government control." This is in reference to a popular policy reform desired by Democratic candidates in the upcoming election. Yelps of approval and roaring applause rose from the Republican Party, Democrat's grinned in their seats.

The public education of America has been under critical review in recent years. Record failure of American student’s has taken the forefront of the educational debate. Bush administrations ‘No Child Left behind Act” has been highly criticized. President Bush set to prove its success showcasing misleading statistical proof that it has not failed. To further improve education Bush wants to give grants to poor students to attend private and faith based school’s due to the under performing public educational system. Not acknowledging the fact that students shouldn’t have to attend these institutions; Our government should be able to provide a universally accepted public education system of high performance schools.

Bush asked for congress to approve trade agreements with Pomona, Columbia, and South Korea. Recognizing that trade “can loose American jobs,” he explained that congress should “reform trade adjustment” to help displaced workers learn new skills and find new jobs. This is an honorable solution but an indisputable huge inconvenience to many American’s, while being an Corporation favored legislature.

The President catered his speech towards Republican policies turning to democratic support when it came to his policies on alternative energy. He admitted America’s need to find alternatives fuels and recognized our desire to limit our reliance of foreign oil. He asked congress to fund research of these environmental alternatives including; coal power, nuclear power, and advance battery technology for cars and trucks. Bush also asked that they establish a new international clean technology fund. Along with a fund to slow down and eventually stop green house gases. Democratic supporters took the crowd in overwhelming support of these requests.

The War on Terror consumed most of the State of the Union Address. Bush proclaimed the surge is “spreading the hope of freedom.” This is a much lighter perspective than seen in the last State of the Union Address. Perhaps Bush has realized that “the elimination of terror” was an ambitious goal for his final year. He also stunned much of the audience when he claimed the surge was working. President Bush’s brave statement was addressed to a crowd of critics. He continued persistently saying we are seeking to “deliver justice to our enemies.” Feeling the need to defend the surge, the President presented statistical proof of a body count down turn while stating that “There is no doubt that Al Qaeda is on the run in Iraq and this enemy will be defeated.” Democrats soured.

Shockingly, President Bush went on official record as having plans to invade Iran. This is a plan that is passionately demised by the Democratic Party. Bush stated, “We will defend our vital interests in the Persian Gulf.” Comforting some by reminding listeners that this will only happen be request of necessity.

Bush asked congress to extend the legislature that is set to help aid in finding terrorists. This legislature is set to end February 1st, Republicans stood in support, democrats stayed seated with no applause.

Finally the president ended his speech to send his respects to the American troops who have bravely and honorably defended this country in this on going war on terror. He proclaimed his intentions to increased funding for veterans while reforming the veteran system to “ meet the needs of a new war and a new generation.” Bush also asked that permission be granted to the families of military to be allowed to transfer unused education benefits to their spouses and children, “Our military families serve our nation— inspire our nation, and tonight our nation honors them.”

Summing his words Bush proclaimed, “our State of the Union will remain strong.”

written by: Jessica Erven (c) 2008



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