Monday, January 28, 2008

Romney on the state of the Union

CNN's Wolf Blitzer just interviewed Mitt Romney who is in Florida right now awaiting tomorrow's results of the Florida Republican Primary. Blitzer asked Romney about what he thought the state of the union was, along with some other economic issues that President George W. Bush will address tonight on his last State of the Union Address.

Blitzer: What do you think should be done about the weakening U.S. dollar?

Romney: he believes it involves a "long term solution" He would do four thinks to reinstate the value of the U.S. dollar around the world. One, Romney believes that the government needs to "recognize the federal government overspending." Two, "china needs to recognize our law's". Three, protect our "entitlement obligations". Finally, "lower taxes.

Blitzer: What would you do about the Mortgage crisis?

Romney: wants to "protect those who were able pay the original obligations of home owners"

Blitzer: Is there any policy that Bush has that you would change?

Romney: I wouldn't change, but I would reform the "Medicare Part D. that had to do with prescription medication and the elderly"

Blitzer: What do you think is the State of the Union?

Romney: "Good but unstable, somewhat fragile." The "economy is in a recession. People are worried about their retirement, loosing their jobs."

Romney later went on to say that he is "glad that Bush is taking action and not leaving this for later."

--As seen on CNN live broadcast




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